Owen pointed out that “Man Utd” invaded the “boats” without pressure

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Stoke legend Michael Owen commented that Manchester United have to invade to visit Manchester. City at Etihad The stadium is a situation that favors them more than they have to play at Old Trafford

tonight (Sun), the Red Devils, fourth in the Premier League table. There is an important game to attack the old champion and the leader of the crowd. “The Blues”,

despite City having a strong team over the years, their last six meetings in the league have resulted in United winning three, drawing two and losing just one.

Moreover, in the last three games in all competitions at the Etihad, Man United have gone on to beat all their rivals in the city. But it all happened under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Speaking of the game, Owen listened to ufabet ‘s flag that Man City would dominate the 3-1 win

Premier League“I think, especially going to the Etihad. I say Manchester United won’t put pressure


it. United to play at Old Trafford then retreated to stand in the penalty area and play a defensive game. Play at home in front of the fans. It’s embarrassing to do that.”

“But you can go and do that at the Etihad. You can go low, wait for a counter-attack and they’ve been doing that a lot in the last few years and getting good results,

so it’s possible for Manchester United. Tihad it was an advantage. It’s strange to say this. But past results show that it is,” he said.