Jurgen Klopp: Gay players shouldn’t be a problem in football

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp He said the disclosure of gay players should not become a problem in football after Josh Cavallo’s case became a hot topic in football earlier. 

After 21-year-old football team Adelaide United in the Australian A-League. came out on social media posts revealing that he was gay and vented his feelings inside causing many people in football around the world to come out to support and admire the matter.

Most recently, it was the German coach of the “Reds” who commented on this matter.

“I think it shouldn’t be a problem like this at all. which has become a big issue because of our own problems which are already unusual. He has to come out and make a statement on this matter instead of living a normal private life and no one bothers,” said Jurgen Klopp.

“What I can tell you from my 30 years in the industry is that I have never encountered a dressing room with any of these problems. The problem doesn’t come from within but from a wider circle like the fans on the pitch. They like to use different stories to attack you. And it will happen for sure.”

“It’s very disappointing but we all have to work to make this kind of news unnecessary. No one needs to make such a statement.”

“I saw his words (Cavallo) and wish him good luck, “

” I appreciate what he did, because now we have to discuss this again. And it’s certainly a good start for change.”