Henderson says Suarez deserves a positive reception from the Kop.

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Jordan Henderson, Liverpool captain It is seen that the team’s former striker Luis Suarez should receive a good welcome from their fans.

The 34-year-old former “Reds” footballer, who has left many goals scored with the team. Prepared to return to Anfield again in the Champions League as a player of Atletico Madrid, after previously referred to once again with the Barcelona team

, the captain of the team. Host Henderson said of the former team-mate:

“When Luis was here he was a phenomenon for many years. He’s a really amazing player,” Henderson said.

“We all know he’s been a top player for a long time. He left many good memories with Liverpool.”

“Our fans know this and appreciate what he has done for the club. I don’t think Louis will cause much trouble. May not come to do during this game. It would have been nice if after the game he would be welcomed by the fans on the pitch.”

“I have learned a lot from him. 

He helped us a lot with the team with his attitude. Always wanted to win even in training and playing without fear of getting hurt.”

“He really helped me a lot. He gave me confidence as a player. I have a very good relationship with him both on and off the pitch

. He scrambled in the box and when given the opportunity, he would definitely do it. Therefore, we must cover him well. He is a top striker that causes problems for all teams.” According to a report from ufabet