Ferdinand says Pogba will admit he failed his football career

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Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand believes Paul Pogba will admit that his level of performance Not as expected French midfielder Returned to the starting line for

The “Red Devils” in the 2-2 draw against Atalanta, but he was unable to show outstanding results. It also creates a troublesome error. Eric Bailly had to come in to help not concede a goal,

He was removed by Solskjaer in the 68th minute of the game.

Who replaced Paul Pogba would agree that he is not performing up to his own expectations in the shirt of Manchester United,

He is not the same as a battering ram to get used. “The reason why I wouldn’t commit if I was him is because, 

To the French national team.  Maybe he needs the fear of not getting on the pitch. If it doesn’t work out,”

Ferdinand thinks Pogba may need.  Which no one is more suitable than Cristiano Ronaldo “I think people are not out to Cristiano Correia went to Paul and said, ‘I halftime talk to me’

” Maybe it’s about my age. It might be different now. In our dressing room times, these kinds of conversations would take place.” According to a report from ufabet