Completely fresh! Juve agree to withdraw from the Conference trophy

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Completely fresh! Juve agree to withdraw from the Conference trophy

Juventus have withdrawn from next season’s Europa League due to financial sanctions.

Juventus suffer from heartbreak every day Recently โปรโมชั่น ufabet media revealed that. The club has entered into an agreement with European Football Federation (UEFA) for not participating in the European Cup, The UEFA Europa Conference League next season, due to an account manipulation offense. Which cause the deduction of points in Serie A until being drop from the Champions League directory

Massimiliano Allegri’s Juve have had a very volatile season over the past year. 

It start with a 15-point deduction following an investigation into their transfer irregularities. Between 2019 and 2021, including falsifying revenue figures from the sale of players in the amount of 60 million euros.

But then, when the matter reaches the appeal level. They got back the points that were deduct. Resulting in the ranking bouncing up to the top 4 or even being second to the crowd And have a full chance to play in the Champions League next season. However, in the end, it was decide that Juve was really guilty. and was deducted 10 official points until the end of the season as the 7th place only

Indeed, finishing seventh gave Juve the right to go into third place, the Conference League, but recently Corriere dello Sport revealed that the Zebra team has agreed to an agreement with UEFA. Already that they will waive the right to participate in the said cup Or in other words, accepting expulsion from this cup, but in a good way.

This is because Juve are trying to avoid further penalties for violating financial regulatory rules. that may have retrospective effects in the future For example, being forfeited the rights to play in the European Cup in the 2024/25 season, there is a possibility that they could rank so well that they would be included in the Champions League group.

Juventus’ executive board sees that missing out on playing in the Conference League will not have much of a negative impact on the team. Who will the quota of playing in the Conference League fall to? And it’s unclear if it will be the number 8 team like Fiorentina automatically takes it instead.

However, the official confirmation of this matter. still have to wait for further disclosure from Juve or UEFA