Carragher gives a thumbs up ‘Man Utd’ a great game to attack Spur

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Celebrity guru Jamie Carragher has praised Manchester United for outstanding performance. During Saturday’s 3-0 thrashing of Tottenham Hotspur,

The “Red Devils” entered the field under pressure after losing 0-5 to Liverpool, however, a goal from Cristiano Ronaldo. , Edin Cavani and Marcus Ranch Ford made them grab three points

Carragher said: “I think Manchester United’s quite remarkable, really,”

“I knew before the game down. On the pitch, there was a lot of talk about Spurs’ poor performance. But we can’t criticize Manchester United, who conceded five goals at home and looked all messed up. But then visited Tottenham. Or any stadium in the Premier League And can stop the opponent from shooting even a single shot on target.”

“We cannot only look at Tottenham. It is said that Manchester United is not a high press. They don’t have players to do that. But I do not see much, “

” I think the team should be able to press a little high sometimes I fall into it. And this is what Manchester United did very well in this game.”

“But in the first half Before the score 1-0 Manchester United played aggressively. Trying to go up to the front and press high. In the second half they retreated because the goal changed the game. And they got two more goals, which should have come from the counter back down to get deeper. But in the first half, Manchester United’s press was high.”

“They played together. play tight Everything they did was not done against Liverpool.”