Barca as relieved to survive Champions League ban

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Barca as relieved to survive Champions League ban

La Liga champion Barcelona is rumore to expell from the Champions League. It was reveale that he gave the referee money under the table. But the Spanish media recently revealed that Barca is clean and able to play in the Champions League. normal

In the case of Barcelona, ​​the news may banned from playing in the UEFA Champions League next season and preparing plans to play with clubs from Saudi Arabia. long shots throughout the season Recently, there have been additional reports from the Spanish media that. The plan is ready to folded into the repository. When Barca will not expelled from the CL Cup in any way.

At the end of March, there was a hilarious report. That The owner of a five-time European champion and last season’s La Liga champion, Barca, has the right to hit. The European Football Federation (UEFA) ordered a heavy sword. It is a ban from playing in the Champions League program for bribery of the referee.

Spanish prosecutors have accused Barcelona of paying 8.4 million euros under the table to former Spanish referee vice-president Jose Maria Enriquez Neguera. Including to companies owned by Negera between 2001-2018.

Although Barça has already denied all allegations. But there is speculation that they could bann from the Champions League next season if found guilty. While OK Diario stated that Barca’s plan in case of a ban is to be remove. real european cup Is to invite the Saudi team to play with throughout the year. to make money for the club

However, recently Sport, the fiercest ทางเข้า ufabet reported. That Barca were able to clear themselves of all the allegations. And will not punish by UEFA in any case

Barca’s road to the 2023/24 Champions League will begin in the group stage in mid-September, but before that, Xavi Hernandez’s team must first hope that they will join the group. with any competitors In the group stage draw on 31 Aug.