“Pep” fully backed KDB – pointed out that the player is a human

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola insists he has given his full support to Kevin De Bruyne during this downturn in form. Along with pointing out that the players are human beings who have both good and bad moments.

He has just scored two goals and hasn’t had any assists in seven Premier League games. And is expected to be dropped for this weekend’s Manchester derby,

De Bruyne suffered an eye socket injury in last season’s Champions League final. He also suffered an ankle injury while serving in the Belgian national team at Euro 2020.

Guardiola insists he still supports De Bruyne, pointing out that the player is human. which has both good and bad times mixed together

“He knows that he will always receive our full support. whether to enter the field or not or how good or bad the situation will be All the players know that,” he said during a press conference before the game against Club Brugge.

“I was a player before. I know that no, you can’t always do a great job. There are good and bad times. He knew better than anyone that he could do better. we are beside him I know he is trying every day to get back to his best form.

We forget they are human too and in the last 8-9 years they only had three weeks of rest a year. Sometimes it gets tiring and a lot of things happen.”

“We sit here and watch all the players do their best to do their best every three days. Like a player who plays in the last area, a talented player who creates things for 90 minutes every three days, no human can do that. According to a report from ufabet.