Got the Kop’s heart! ‘Suarez’ praises ‘Anfield’s magic’

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Atletico Madrid striker Luis Suarez admits visiting Anfield will always be a difficult task as the stunning supporter atmosphere gives Liverpool a huge advantage over their rivals Atletico.

Tico Madrid is scheduled to visit Liverpool in the Champions League on Wednesday, with Suarez as a former Reds youngster. Having played here for four years, he knows the magic of Anfield.

“Of course, every team has its strengths and weaknesses,” Suarez told UEFA.

“We know how terrifying Liverpool counter-attacks can be. When they get into the game with their speedy attackers,

we know they have some weaknesses that we can take advantage of. And we should use it again in the next match.

” we have to pay attention because in addition to those strengths They also have special players. Are you an Anfield fan? that it will make things more difficult for us.”

The Uruguay star also said of Liverpool’s famous song “You’ll never walk alone”:

“The lyrics tell it all. You have bad games and bad games, but they will never stop believing in you.”

“They won’t let you walk alone. as they say The fans there won’t boo if they lose the ball. They will believe in you because you are playing for Liverpool. Confident that the fans gave it great “

” There are players who have a high cost. not very successful But when they walk on the field They can feel the love from the fans, it’s amazing. It gives you confidence.” According to a report ufabet.